Assure Integrity

Demonstrating regulatory compliance through ensuring safe

and reliable operation of your assets.

Assure Integrity

We live in a world where technology, social media and globalisation has provided ever-expanding transparency and reach to all stakeholders. Our licence to operate requires us to demonstrate that we operate as intended and plan with all stakeholder requirements appropriately addressed. Regulators and other stakeholders are no longer satisfied with a ‘Trust Me’ culture and are demanding a ‘Show Me’ culture. This is in part due to regulators and governments also increasingly being held accountable for their performance and ability to assure the level of safety and sustainability to their respective communities and environmental footprint.

In this new digital world, it has never been more important that companies not only show but are able to demonstrate that they are managing their risks in an effective, transparent and defensible manner. Crystalise has expertise that can independently verify and share better practices on the management of risks, provide a different and targeted approach to risk mitigation to ensure long term safety, viability, competitiveness and performance delivery.

Stakeholders’ focus has shifted to have risk-based management approach embedded as an intrinsic part of any operation rather than being an afterthought. Assets that operate in a sustainable manner have fewer unplanned breakdowns, where fewer break-ins to plans show a steady increase in safety and environmental performance. Sustainability is threatened with frequent breakdowns and trips causing unnecessary wastage, increased costs to repair and in some cases, increased carbon footprint.

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Assure Integrity

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