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What Is Asset Management?

“Asset Management is the enabler for an organisation to manage their physical assets in order to achieve and deliver outcomes that satisfy an organisation’s stakeholders. Essentially it is the science of how the right decisions are made, at the right time, by the right people in an organisation to deliver the value. The better your Asset Management, the more control you have of your asset’s destiny!”


In order to deliver value from any physical asset it is imperative to know:

  1. Stakeholders requirements.
  2. The current condition of the asset.
  3. The current performance of the asset.
  4. The future of the asset.

Throughout the lifecycle of any asset, key decisions will need to be made that balances cost, risk and performance. These decisions will be determined based upon an organisation’s People, Systems, Processes and Plant. By combing an organisation’s Corporate, Financial, Operations, Engineering and Maintenance requirements with supporting IT systems and analytics provides the basis of informed decision.

Asset Management provides both the science and art of making the right decision based on applying the best techniques and assessment using the best information available. No matter what stage of an asset lifecycle you are at, you can benefit from making informed decision using best practice techniques applied by seasoned practitioners.

These principles will directly influence systems and plans.

There is a focus on cost, risk and performance when making and measuring decisions.

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The Crystalise Difference


Crystalise provides clarity and optimisation of asset to operators of physical asset who want maximised sustainable outcomes. We do this through OEMIT (the understanding of how Operations, Engineering, Maintenance and IT work collectively) across the lifecycle of an asset.

Crystalise delivers performance improvements to maximise the value of physical assets through proven expertise and capability platforms.

Our Edge

We recruit the best. Our people are recognised as leaders in their field of expertise, having worked on major projects and operating facilities throughout the world for international owners, operators, maintainers and consultants.

We collaborate with like-minded companies that value new ways of thinking, are focused on solving real problems and are recognised leaders in their field.

When working with Crystalise, clients harness the knowledge of our collective staff, our collaboration partners and our innovative approach to deliver cost effective asset management solutions. This is what makes us different.

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We are proud to have an association with the following companies to be able to deliver the latest in asset management solutions.

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