Asset Management success depends upon the integration of Operations, Engineering, Maintenance and IT with the physical condition and constraints of the assets. Our specialist service providers that integrated service through having a thorough knowledge of reliability, availability and maintainability across the lifecycle of an asset. Using their engineering discipline or trade background, they apply the leading technologies and best practices to obtain safe, reliable, efficient and cost effective performance. Whether it is a maintenance, reliability or integrity service that is required, we have the skilled practitioners to exceed your expectations.

Our Solutions

Management Systems

We review and optimise management systems which include policies, standards, processes and procedures to be able to achieve improved performance of your asset, by balancing the cost, risk and performance of physical assets.

Reviews & Audits

Our qualified teams can assist in assessing and benchmarking current performance, develop a roadmap of improved performance as well as regulatory compliance to quality, asset management (ISO 55001) and HSE standards.

Regulatory Compliance

Just as our reviews and audits, we are also able to put in place systems and structures to assist in achieving and maintaining regulatory operating approvals and compliance.

Coaching & Monitoring

With a collaborative work environment filled with professionals of different experience levels and fields, we often assist others to achieve the best outcome for the client’s organisation, as well as guiding their team to success.

Project Management

We provide both high level and detailed support to help you deliver projects safely, to the desired quality, within schedule and budget.

Operational Readiness

Using our experience, knowledge and expertise, we can assist your organisation in creating operational readiness plans to ensure the optimisation of the performance and value of the asset from the onset.

Shutdown Optimisation

With our proven methodology, supported by seasoned practitioners, we ensure shutdowns are managed in a cost-effective manner from planning to execution. We aim to optimise the process and safety, whilst minimising cost and waste.


Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis – The process of analysing a piece of equipment, functional or piece-part, and assessing the failure effects and its criticality from the bottom-up.

Risk-Based Inspection – We assist in achieving your financial and reliability goals through RBI, by assessing the acceptable risk of failure and we create sustainable plans for inspecting and repairing these assets to maintain them above that level, without lowering performance.

Root Cause Analysis – We use our extensive experience to investigate the underlying cause of why a piece of equipment, or its parts, fail and find a solution that ensures it does not occur again.