Maintenance Builds

Structuring processes for delivering transition from ‘start-up’ to ‘steady-state’ safe, reliable and sustainable operations.

Maintenance Builds

Every investment deserves to be set up for success and maintenance should not be considered as a cost but a key investment for safe, reliable and sustainable operations. It is too often seen as a necessary burden, rather than a key contributor to success. Many of the issues and concerns that are attributed to low reliability stem from poor maintenance builds. The inability to proactively manage an asset’s performance through robust maintenance practices that provide reliability and assurance at the right time far outweighs the belief that we can fix anything when it breaks down. Industry has demonstrated that delivering timely, appropriate, planned maintenance, maximises the performance of an asset throughout its operating life.

Over the full life of an asset your maintenance costs contribute between 50% to 75% of your total expenditure (i.e. capital and operating costs). Maintenance can only be effectively and efficiently managed if you measure it. If you cannot measure maintenance metrics, then you are not in control of your destiny, which is likely to affect the long-term reliability and integrity of your assets.

A maintenance build delivers the platform of what is required to safely, reliably and cost effectively manage operations across assets and equipment. It aligns the strategies with maintenance plans and activities to your organisation and workforce. A well-defined build, campaigns maintenance activity, defines work instructions and tasks, identifies required materials and tools with delegation of tasks assigned to trades and maintainers. This enables and supports an efficient and transparent workflow process that contributes to higher tool time and much lower operating cost throughout the asset’s service life.

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Maintenance Builds

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