Our Industries

Crystalise works with Infrastructure industry to ensure asset availability targets are achieved, cost efficiencies are delivered, risk, safety and environmental impacts are managed, assuring the long term integrity of their asset base.

With more than 470 years of maintenance & reliability experience, we have been working with Infrastructure companies in Australia across our full suite of services from increasing reliability, assuring integrity, building and optimising maintenance to maximise asset availability.

Increase Reliability

Embedding reliability practices to drive cost effective whole of life performance.


Assure Integrity

Demonstrate regulatory compliance ensuring safe, reliable operation of your assets.


Maintenance Builds

Structured process for delivering transition to “steady-state” safe, reliable and sustainable operations.


Optimise Maintenance

Understand and improve your maintenance strategies to deliver your business needs.


Crystalise is proud to have been recognised as a top 10 Asset Management Solution provider and to have formed a strong association with the infrastructure industry. We embed our Green Maintenance credentials and methodologies to help our clients transition to carbon neutrality.