The importance of having the CMMS, registers, databases and documentation aligned and right is critical in terms of the safe and reliable performance of any asset. Strategies and plans can only be realized in the field of they are communicated down the line in a standard, precise and accurate fashion. It also must be written such that the user can understand and follow. Our Operation support team understands the importance of getting the data right. Our CMMS specialists, planners and schedules have extensive hands-on experience in translating Operations, Engineering and Maintenance requirements into real working systems. Our Operational support team transforms strategies into practical plans of reality.

Our Solutions

CMMS Builds & Support

Our CMMS Support Specialists are proficient in several CMMS applications, including SAP, Maximo, JD Edwards, Oracle, Pronto and Ellipse. We pride ourselves on our team’s efficiency, attention to detail and innovative approach. These include our Data Analysts, CMMS Specialists and Schedulers.

Master Data Management

Our Master Data Specialists are proficient across several CMMS systems with over 50 years’ experience. They integrate and maintain the critical data of an organisation.

Maintenance Optimisation

We recognise the challenge of meeting current service demands, optimising performance, minimising risk, and controlling expenditure over the full life cycle of physical assets. Our approach uses proven processes and renowned industry leaders in maintenance and optimisation to maximise the value of your assets.

Maintenance Engineering

Our experienced Maintenance Engineers apply engineering concepts for the optimization of equipment, procedures, and budgets to achieve improved maintainability, reliability, and availability of equipment. We combine technical knowledge with local constraints and requirements.

Reliability Engineering

Our reliability engineers determine what maintenance is required for your assets to meet their intended lifecycle. Our partitioners know what good looks like and what is possible to deliver the performance you require at the appropriate level of risk and cost.

Performance Standards

Our team can both create, review and optimise performance standards to ensure they are concise, efficient and appropriate to managing an operator’s risk, as well as assess compliance. We can independently verify that you are in compliance with your standards and that they are providing you with the reliability and performance to satisfy your safety case.

Technical Integrity

Our Specialists can assess whether your assets are meeting their stated operating requirements through assessing the assurance, design and verification functions under stated operating conditions. Ensuring safe and reliable production is essential to maintain your licence to operate.

Technical Authors

Our Technical Authors can write and deliver high level maintenance manuals, reports, maintenance plans, etc. as well as training material and document registers.