A clear differentiator with Crystalise is our inhouse and access to expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. We have a group of experts that have a track record across projects, operations, facilities, strategies, studies and events that spans both industries and the globe. Our experts have held key positions in Engineering, Operations, Maintenance and Certification bodies. This has equipped our people with a good balance of knowledge and best practice with real world experience. From strategy development, system development, due diligence studies, Regulator supports and reviews, Incident Investigations or ISO 55000 Training and support we have independent experts that provide our clients an unparalleled level of assurance. We provide the experts when getting it right the first time is the only option.

Our Solutions

Strategic Plans & Studies

Our inhouse experts have had extensive experience in developing Strategic Asset Management Plans and Detailed Studies for various organisations and facilities across the globe in various industries. This wealth of experience and knowledge is the catalyst for our client to engage us as their trusted independent advisors for their strategic plans and studies.

Asset Management Systems

Our Asset Management Specialists create, as well as assist with the creation of asset management frameworks, which include all the processes and interactions involved in controlling asset related activities. We also provide ongoing support that covers all aspects of any assessment management system.

Integrity Risk Assessments

Our professionals use their extensive experience to ensure that assets meet their integrity and performance expectations, whilst maintaining compliance, optimising the whole lifecycle performance, whilst not compromising HSE. We have successfully acted as the Independent Competent Person to assess the compliance of numerous facilities against their regulatory compliance.

Certified Asset Management Assessor For ISO 55001

Our qualified Certified Asset Management Assessors (CAMA) for ISO 55000, are qualified independent auditors for its compliance within any given organisation. Further, our Principal Consultant is a CAMA trainer for The Asset Management College, who are one of the few organisations endorsed by the World Partners in Asset Management to deliver CAMA certification.

Maintenance Strategies

Our Maintenance Specialists are proven practitioners that review and optimise your maintenance functionality – considering the cost, risk and performance of each asset. We create sustainable maintenance strategies to ensure the longevity of the working assets, whilst minimising your risk and cost, and maximising the returns of your asset.

No matter what stage of the lifecycle your asset is at we can provide appropriate maintenance strategy development and optimisation. Whether you are at concept development, Greenfields, Brownfields or End of Field Life we can ensure that your strategies and maintenance are optimised and cost effective to deliver safe, reliable and sustained production.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our focus is to support our customers in mergers and acquisitions by assessing the current state of the physical asset, ability to safely meet its end of field life, optimising the required operations and maintenance and developing a plan for successful asset management integration.

Due Diligence

Our professionals perform due diligence investigations into the purchase and acquisition of physical assets, ensuring all factors are considered to make an informed decision. We provide a level of technical expertise that provides our purchaser the assurance and leverage to optimise and protect their investment.

Expert Witness

With a team of specialised professionals with extensive experience within their individual fields, we can provide expert witness statements on most areas of Operations, Engineering and Maintenance.