Asset Hierarchy Development

Setting up for success

Maintenance Builds

Why you may need it

  • Operating complex facilities?
  • Large number of equipment items and components?
  • Need help defining parent/child relationships?

The benefits of doing

Building a structure asset hierarchy will:

  • Provide standardised relationships throughout systems and equipment
  • Help failure data recording at the correct level
  • Improve understanding of operating asset financial commitment
  • Improve identification of systemic issues across your organisation

How Crystalise can help you

Crystalise has extensive experience in asset hierarchy development aligned with ISO 14224 guidelines.

With history in numerous complex facility maintenance builds we have the expertise and tools available to deliver a structured hierarchy for your assets. We tailor the build based on practical consideration that supports your business requirements and workforce.

Increase Reliability

Assure Integrity

Maintenance Builds

Optimise Maintenance