Operational Readiness

Creates flawless startup

Optimise Maintenance

Why you may need it

  • Will your project startup be flawless?
  • Are you lacking buy-in, support and ownership from your operations and maintenance teams?
  • Are your operations and maintenance team aligned with the project?

The benefits of doing

Operational readiness prepares you for startup and long-term success by:

  • Clearly identifying and implementing required operational and maintenance activities
  • Establishing training and competency requirements
  • Ensuring maintenance systems are appropriately updated
  • Ensuring appropriate materials and critical spares are stocked
  • Ensuring workforce is ready and able
  • Delivering expected return on investment over the lifecycle

How Crystalise can help you

Using our experience, knowledge and expertise, we can assist your organisation in creating operational readiness plans to ensure the optimisation of the performance and value of the asset from the onset. We do this by identifying and implementing key operational and maintenance changes and activities that are required to be completed prior to startup. This ensures that the operational and maintenance teams are set up for success.

Increase Reliability

Assure Integrity

Maintenance Builds

Optimise Maintenance